Diagram of the parts of a plant

Although plants vary greatly all seed plants share the same general structure.

Parts Of A Plant

Parts of a plant

The function of the plant parts shown in the diagram above are given below.

Leaf - Specialised for organism for photosynthesis
Stem - Ascending axis of plant growth
Flower - Reproductive organ of angiosperms
Root - Underground organ of the plant
Leaf Primordia - Young recently formed leaves
Shoot apex - Terminal bud of a plant
Apical Meristem - Mitotically dividing cells that are found either at the shoot or root
Auxillary Bud - Contains the apical meristems of shoot branches
Node - Location on the stem where leaves/branches emerge from
Internode - The stem between two nodes
Vascular Tissue - Internal transport system of a plant (xylem, Phloem)
Lateral root - Grow via secondary meristems derived from mature regions of root
Taproot - Major root axis - other roots develop from the tap root
Root hairs - fine extensions from roots that act to increase the surface area that the plant is in contact with
Root Apex - The terminal area of the root that contains the meristemic tissue
Root Cap - Cells located at the growing tip of the root that help to protect the meristemic tissue

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