Root Function

Roots are generally one of the most important parts of a plant even though they are the invisible part of the plant. This is because the majority of roots are located beneath the soil.

The function and presence of roots are crucial to the existence and survival of plants. Roots are essential for the absorption of water and nutrients from the soil while at the same time acting to anchor the plant Roots have the ability to produce their own lateral root in order for the expanding network of cylindrical structures to penetrate the soil.

Root Apex

The part of the root where  growth and development starts is the root apex. Close to the tip is where the production of new cells and the elongation of the recently-made cells take place. Such growth in cell length and cell numbers is how roots can make their way towards the soil and search for untapped water and minerals. The expanded network of roots can also provide anchorage for the plant.

The tissue found at the root apex is too delicate and soft to penetrate the soil without creating new and amazing methods in order to ease the path. This is the reason why the growth of the root cap occurs, found at the tip of the root apex, a tissue that is responsible in providing solutions to the penetration ability of the roots.

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